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Exclusive Interview with Luka Klancir, Founder of the First Croatian Bitcoin Portal – Part 2

This is the second part of our exclusive interview with Luka Klancir, founder of the first Croatian Bitcoin Portal. If you missed the first part, you can read it here.

Luka KlancirCoin News Europe: What are the pros and cons of working with crypto, and what do you think is missing from it?

Luka Klancir: The pros are definitely working in an industry that is literally changing fundamentals on which we perceive trust and value. The cons are that with these fast innovations that are encompassing money, there is a lot of scams and Ponzi schemes that are trying to suck in people that are not yet familiar with the technology. The benefits will surface, but first, we need to reach the “plateau of productivity.”

Coin News Europe: How do you think cryptocurrencies will affect the European market in particular, and what is the place of your business in all of this?

Luka Klancir: Positively for sure, I don’t have a complex opinion about it. EU, as it looks now is fairly liberal in regards to cryptocurrencies. I believe they will stay that way moving onward. We can surely expect some regulatory frameworks coming our way but I believe they won’t go so far as some Asian countries. I would suggest that people explore our neighboring Slovenia, which is doing amazing things for the crypto ecosystem in their country.

We are on our way to position ourselves as the leading incubator for blockchain projects in SEE Europe. We are trying to cover several verticals with media outlet being our first vertical, the full-service agency is the second and we are in negotiations for a joint venture into a cryptocurrency exchange platform for trading and listing those projects. It is a big bite, but we are slowly covering every part of this.

Coin News Europe: How about the gaming/gambling industry in general in Europe?

Luka Klancir: Malta is definitely leading the charge here and trying to invite a lot of projects in this sector so I definitely see a bright future for gaming and gambling-oriented projects in EU.

Coin News Europe:  If an altcoin can supersede bitcoin in the near future, which altcoin would it be?

Luka Klancir: I wouldn’t make such a bold statement, but Ethereum could be the one that attacks the throne.

Coin News Europe:  Any Bitcoin price prediction?

Luka Klancir: I don’t really. I would only dare to say that we haven’t seen an ATH in crypto.

Coin News Europe:  Lastly, any final thoughts?

Luka Klancir: Research cryptocurrency and the underlying tech and only then invest. Do not be affected by the massive volatility as crypto is here to stay. Do not trade on emotions and most important of all, don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose. Oh yes, if you even consider raising a loan to invest in crypto, please kill that thought immediately. If you have any project or idea that you would like to build or maybe re-build and push to the market, feel free to reach out to us at as we would be more than happy to hear and see how we can help out.

Coin News Europe:  Thank you very much, Luka.

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