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Austrian Crypto Exchange Bitpanda Launches Gold and Silver Trading

Austria-based fintech cryptocurrency exchange Bitpanda reported that it has propelled gold and silver exchanging for its one million clients. Bitpanda revealed that with Bitpanda Metals, it is presenting the client experience and comfort of purchasing digital assets for the world of precious metals exchanging.

Bitpanda likewise uncovered it joined forces with precious metals merchants professional aurum and philoro to safely store the physical basic of the gold and silver tokens offered by Bitpanda.

“The physically backed, digitized gold and silver can be traded with the same ease as with other digital assets on the Bitpanda platform. Users can buy small amounts beginning from €1 using a wide variety of payment methods and pay in Euro, Swiss Franc, British Pound or US Dollar. Gold can be bought for no fees no matter the amount (after the launch promo for a low fee of just 0,5%), and stored for a transparent and industry-wide unique storage fee of just 0,0125% per week. Gold and silver holdings are 100% insured. Users can sell anytime they see fit, and they are also able to instantly swap any amount of their gold or silver holdings with Bitcoin and any other available digital asset available on Bitpanda.”

Talking about the dispatch, Bitpanda CEO, Eric Demuth, expressed:

“Gold and silver stood the test of time as an asset class, and we are now bringing it to the 21st century. With high transparency, very low fees and the same convenience as for other assets on our platform, we are disrupting the gold trading business. With Bitpanda Metals we allow small investors to buy without having to pay horrendous fees. This is a real game changer.”

As recently announced, Bitpanda cases to be Europe’s driving retail agent for purchasing and selling Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA and different digital currencies. The stage has more than one million clients.

“At Bitpanda we are firm believers in the innovative power of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. Our mission is to be the key driving force in the ongoing fintech revolution by providing easy-to-use, safe and trustworthy access to any digital assets for both new and experienced users.”

Bitpanda added to praise the dispatch of Bitpanda Metals, it charges no expenses on purchasing gold until June 15. In addition, clients get 5 to €200 worth of digitized gold or silver when they contribute in any event €25 gold or silver on the Bitpanda stage.

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