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Slovenia to Become the First “Bitcoin City”

A ‘Bitcoin City’ (BTC) is to open in Ljubljana, with a spread more than 250,000 sqm and bragging in excess of 450 shops and other digital money based conveniences. Actually, all installment choices at the center depend on the new AI trade stage Eligma and its cryptographic money installment framework EliPay.

“The transformation of BTC City into Bitcoin City is an important step towards the realisation of BTC’s openness-oriented strategy, providing its customers and business partners with freedom and choice regarding their purchases with new forms of payment,” read proclamation from the BTC group.

The BTC City was initially established as an area for warehousing organizations in the 1950s. In 1975, the organization working the distribution centers turned into the biggest merchandise and transport focus in past Yugoslavia and changed its name to Blagovno Trgovinski Center. The name Bitcoin City was conceived as an acronym for the city, just three kilometers from the focal point of Ljubljana.

Other than the shopping outlets, BTC will house 70 bars and eateries, 17 swimming pools, a smaller than normal golf course, a waterpark and an amusement place focused with a 3D silver screen and the Crystal Palace, the most noteworthy pinnacle in Slovenia.

Approaching travelers won’t have to change over their fiat to local money and can make use of EliPay rather, in spite of the fact that they will have the opportunity to pick any currency they want to use. Should they wish to utilize fiat cash, the dealer will produce a QR code of the bill with the sum in digital money. The client can open the installment application on their phone, filter the code and finish the exchange.

“We are endeavouring to place Slovenia among the leading countries in Europe and around the world in the area of development and use of blockchain technology,” said Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar while opening Beyond 4.0, an international conference on the digitisation of society and blockchain technology, organised by the Adriatic Council. “Therefore we are also carefully monitoring and working to influence events in the blockchain industry, including the area of initial offerings for cryptographic coins, or ICOs.”

“I call on entrepreneurs, professionals and all stakeholders involved in the development of blockchain technology to proceed with caution, respect all existing laws and regulations, and above all consistently adhere to the principles of good management,” he added.

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