Satoshi Freeathlon

Satoshi Freeathlon: Run, Bike, and Swim Across Europe for Bitcoin Awareness

A gathering of crypto supporters is proclaiming triumph in the wake of running, biking, and swimming over Europe to spread awareness about Bitcoin.

The first “Satoshi Freeathlon” formally started, during which seven Bitcoin supporters went on a four-day, 221-mile experience from Zug, Switzerland, the home of “Crypto Valley“, to Munich, Germany, gathering Bitcoin donations and bringing issues to light about the world’s most powerful digital money.

The gathering of competitors, called “Team Satoshi”, are motivated by Vitus Zeller, the originator of “Tour de Satoshi” who writes in a blog entry,

“All over the globe universal human rights are under attack. Journalism is under attack… freedom of opinion and information are under attack… I truly believe in a world of an open, global, neutral, censorship-resistant and decentralized currency for the people. We advocate for human rights, freedom of transaction, freedom of opinion and freedom of information as well as for the right of privacy.”

Zeller’s thought with this is a strong one: to advance cypherpunk values, regarding the individuals who were among the first to caution about how the web could present new security concerns.  He alludes explicitly to “A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto” as a kind of directing power – a short paper composed by Eric Hughes in 1993, only two or three years before the web, handling the subject of security.

“With Team Satoshi I had the idea to create a decentralized …] marketing instrument for bitcoin and the values it represents (freedom of information, freedom of opinion, privacy, freedom of transaction and human rights) which derive from the Cypherpunk Manifesto,” Zeller said.

It seems like an odd plan to advocate for bitcoin with sports, yet Zeller makes a true contention for consolidating the two subjects.

“Sports has been a powerful political tool to manipulate the people,”

he stated, indicating warriors, who engaged Romans with dangerous battles. He even indicated the Olympic games, which pits individuals from various nationalities against each other.

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