Alexander Vinnik

Russia Probes Billion-Dollar Fraud Based on Bitcoin Hacker Testimony

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Russia has opened a criminal investigation into admissions by Alexander Vinnik, a Russian national held in a Greek correctional facility at a US ask for identified with illegal tax avoidance charges.

“Vinnik wrote several confession letters to Russian law enforcement agencies, pleading guilty to crimes related to financial technologies. The Russian Interior Ministry’s investigative department has opened a criminal probe into several unknowns,”  the source expert with the issue said.

Vinnik composed four letters to Russia’s interior minister since March, the service’s central examiner and the lawyer general, admitting his violations and offering to aid the request.

The suspect was kept in Greece after the United States blamed him for laundering between $4 billion and $9 billion on a bitcoin exchanging stage. He has been cleared for removal to both the United States and Russia. An official choice is up to the Greek equity serve. The suspect has over and over said he needed to be ousted to Russia.

In an unexpected improvement, Greek jail experts had foiled an attempt to kill Vinnik. There was evidently a plot to harm him while he was being held in the Thessaloniki prison. His security has since been supported, and he is prohibited from reaching different detainees or getting sustenance or refreshments from strangers.

In October, two distinctive judge boards in Thessaloniki received two totally unrelated choices of the same legal power, one on the removal of Vinnik to Russia and the other on his removal to the United States. In December, the Supreme Court of Greece maintained the choice to remove the Russian national to the United States. In January, Vinnik’s legal advisor Timofey Musatov disclosed that Vinnik would request the removal administering with the European Court of Human Rights.

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