Polish Crypto Miner, GamerHash, Thrives During Lockdown

A Polish blockchain organization says that its client numbers are up regardless of the weights of the coronavirus pandemic, and says that financial specialists are rushing to a gaming area that is blasting – notwithstanding the health emergency pandemic. 

GamerHash says that expanding on improved outcomes, it is currently looking at development to Asia and furthermore needs to dispatch its own token. 

The notable GamerHash venture from Poznań depends on a pandemic and is seeing critical increments in the quantity of clients. “Recommended #stayathome directed even more people’s movement towards gaming, but also increased investors’ interest in this sector – which is not surprising in Poland,” said Artur Pszczółkowski, CMO and CoFounder GamerHash. Reports of this substance could be found in the media lately. It appears that the circumstance with COVID19 – anyway sad – can support a few people. 

The Maltese organization had gathered buy affirmations for more than $ 150,000 preceding the token deal started on May 4.

“Achieving Softcap at USD 1.2m should not be difficult. In the summer, we will allow people to buy our token through our Ambassadors, by default the token pool will be limited and the offer narrowed down in time. The next step, in the early autumn, will be listing our token on friendly exchanges in Europe and Asia. Contracts are already being finalized. At this point, the GamerHash platform will be complete – with full usability.” 

Poland was one of the primary European Union countries to close its outskirts in the wake of the flare-up’s spread to Europe, and quite a bit of its populace has been in lockdown for as far back as six-seven weeks. Artur Pszczółkowski, the startup’s head overseeing official and co-proprietor said, 

“We have noticed a 70% increase in user activity per day since the pandemic began, and our platform now attracts about 15,000 users per month. We’ve also noticed a surge in interest from both domestic and foreign investors. We’re currently in the process of closing a seed funding round, and I spend about 10 hours a day talking to investment fund operators.” 

Pszczółkowski includes, 

“Gaming, e-commerce and streaming are the three sectors that are attracting massive interest from investors during the pandemic, but the latter two are already dominated by major players, and investors know that it is challenging to find undervalued opportunities there.”

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