FunFair Technologies Europe Launches Changelly Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Decentralised blockchain gaming club stage supplier FunFair Technologies has gone live with Changelly cryptographic money trade as it reinforces its installment choices for the cluster.

FunFair has joined the exchanging API of Changelly into its launched FunFair wallet as of late, enabling players to exchange different cryptocurrencies for their betting token, Fun.

Therefore, enlisted players will currently have the option to bring Bitcoin, Tron and Litecoin likes to one of their joint gaming clubs, CasinoFair and CryptoCasino, and exchange for Fun without leaving the system or requiring trade accounts from outsiders.

Funfair is a project I have been following for the past couple years and the team behind it is one of the best from both the gaming and crypto industries,” noted Eric Benz, CEO at Changelly.

“I look forward to the integration of the Changelly API as this will benefit both customers and the partner companies who will utilise the FunFair wallet.”

Authorized in the Isle of Man, the company expresses that the agreement will additionally improve nearby client travel by lessening erosion between signup and interactivity, while likewise opening its FunFair fueled club to new shoppers.

Notwithstanding the five coordinated digital currency financing choices at dispatch, more will follow later on, just as solid liquidity and moment exchanges.

Fred Kessler, CPO at FunFair Technologies Europe, remarked: “Integrating Changelly’s user-friendly exchange will open up our platform to a vast new audience of crypto-holders and allow for a far superior on-boarding journey.

“To date, players must own Fun to play, but this new partnership of choice will allow for holders of the likes of Bitcoin to experience the best in blockchain gaming without the added hurdle of heading off-site to use a crypto exchange.”

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