Exclusive Interview with Luka Klancir, Founder of the First Croatian Bitcoin Portal

Bitcoin has been gaining steady ground in Croatia for some time now. Our staff has managed to talk to Luka Klancir, founder of the first Croatian Bitcoin Portal (Hrvatski Bitcoin Portal) about crypto in Europe.

Luka KlancirCoin News Europe: Hi, thank you very much for joining us today. Kindly tell us who you are and a little bit about the company you represent.

Luka Klancir: My name is Luka Klancir and I’m the founder of the first Croatian Bitcoin Portal founded in early 2014. Currently, I’m the COO and co-founder of our digital agency called Async Labs where we have several crypto products under our management and also working with several clients on a full services strategy for their blockchain projects and ICOs. I’m also a board member of the Croatian Association for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency –

Coin News Europe: Great. Can you tell us how long it has taken you to launch your business and some challenges you’ve encountered whilst doing so?

Luka Klancir: On our first venture into space, the aforementioned news portal started as a project between my colleague and me in our student days. Many people in that period of early 2014 didn’t see the potential in this nor there was a wide audience that would actually read about news and developments in the crypto industry.

I would say that the biggest challenge was to keep pushing it while the cash flow was negative, and that was just up until 2017. Thus, this was ran mostly after regular work hours on our own cost. In the meantime, we started a digital agency where we provide a full spectrum of services from marketing to development to various clients and project and this has been our core business model for the time being.

Blockchain technology is advancing radically on an exponential scale. If you are to be taken seriously in this industry, you ought to keep up the pace with the recent developments and breakthroughs. And there are many happening on a global scale as we speak. For a company to succeed in the crypto space it is a necessity to dedicate a considerable amount of time and resources to R&D and education.

Coin News Europe: Interesting. What initiated your interest in bitcoin in the first place?  How has it transformed the way you live right now?

Luka Klancir: A simple need. In 2013, I was on a student exchange in a country abroad. This is the first time I got in touch with international bank transfers when my mom was sending me some cash. I was astonished that in a time when communication via Internet is instantaneous, a wire transfer takes a few days, charges expensive fees, and requires you to go to the bank to withdraw. I started looking for solutions and found bitcoin. I was hooked from that moment on.

I would consider my trading (in)experience through 2014-2016 to be my most successful experience. That really thought me all the things that I’m recommending today to people that are just entering these markets. I felt loses, shorts, and bear markets on my own skin first, but now it gives me more resilience in these highly volatile markets and a clearer mind with the focus on building amazing products on this amazing technology.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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