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Dutch Billionaire Asks for Court Judgment over Facebook Fake Bitcoin Ads Case

Dutch billionaire John de Mol said he would request that a court rule for the situation he filed against Facebook Inc not long ago over phony bitcoin advertisements. De Mol, the businessman who made the “Big Brother” unscripted television program, said it had showed to be difficult to arrive at a concurrence with Facebook over measures to stop counterfeit promotions. 

De Mol had recorded a claim against the social media organization in June for permitting counterfeit promotions on its foundation which utilized his name and picture to execute bitcoin-related extortion. 

He first encountered the problem in October 2018, as Jacqueline Schaap, a lawyer from De Mol’s legal team, stated:

“John de Mol noticed the ads for the first time in October 2018, we do not know whether these were the first adds to appear. We just have not noticed them before, but that does not mean that they have not been published.”

At the time, he issued a public statement, saying that none of these ads had been given permission to use his name or image. De Mol’s lawyers asked Facebook to hand over identifying data about the people who create such advertisements.

The case was heard by the Amsterdam District Court, which at the time said it appeared to be feasible for the different sides to arrive at an understanding. 

“After three months of negotiating it has become clear to me that it is impossible to come to an agreement with Facebook on the misleading bitcoin advertisements”, De Mol said in a statement.

“While the company seemed to be cooperating, it was merely a smokescreen that concealed its reluctance to put in place the desired measures in a timely and correct manner.”

Facebook couldn’t quickly respond after that. The promotions, which have been removed, tempted individuals to send cash to buy bitcoin or take part in phony digital currency related organizations with cases of De Mol’s association, underwriting or backing. 

Legal counselors for De Mol said that shoppers had been cheated out of 1.7 million euros (US$1.9 million) by De Mol-connected advertisements, and that he was one of a few Dutch big names focused on.

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